The Matrix Revolutions2003

The Matrix Revolutions After Reloaded is over Reload continues. Neo and Bane remain in the medical facility. The program is faithful to the Merovingian. Neo attempts to board a train with his relatives, however, the Trainman will not let him board, and Neo is then in a position to defeat Neo.

Seraph contacts Trinity and Morpheus to ask the Oracle to inform them of Neo’s detention.

In real life, crews of the Hammer and the Nebuchadnezzar find and activate Niobe’s ship known as the Logos.

To help human defenses, Niobe, Morpheus and Zee run towards Zion in their Hammer to defend themselves.

A swarm of machines comes pounces upon the Logos outside Machine City. To avoid the attack, the machines fly through the sky, clearing and then crash into a building, killing injuring Trinity. Neo enters the Machine City and encounters the Machines’ leaders in the form of ” Deus Ex Machina. ” Neo warns that Smith is planning to conquer both the Matrix as well as the world. Neo proposes to prevent Smith from settling down with Zion.

The Machines insert Neo into the Matrix, which is now completely absorbed by Smith. The energy in the Matrix makes Neo’s clone end up dying, as do the other Smith clones. The Oracle to lie there and causes Neo to surrender his life. Neo is taken by machines.

The Matrix is revived, and the Architect meets the Oracle in the park. They agree that peace will be maintained until it’s feasible and that all who wants to have the option of leaving the Matrix. The Oracle informs Sati (who has created a beautiful sunset to pay tribute to Neo) that she believes they will meet Neo again. Seraph questions the Oracle if she knew this would happen. Seraph asks her if she was aware of this, however, she states she believes.


The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions 3 (2003) ปฏิวัติมนุษย์เหนือโลก

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